Bright red bracelet brings better coffee to Columbia

To get the best tasting coffee, each coffee cherry must be picked when it is perfectly red and ripe. What makes this more complicated is that coffee cherries on the same plant ripen at different times and with cherries ranging from green, yellow, red and every shade in between, picking the required volume of only the ripest fruits becomes a highly skilled task.

Coffee Cherries

Portland Roasting have come up with the perfect solution, a simple slap bracelet in the colour of a perfectly ripe coffee cherry. This is an ingenious way of ensuring farmers only pick the ripest fruit and 10,000 have already been donated to coffee farmers in Columbia as part of the Borderlands Coffee Project.

Cherry Quality Bracelet

In a time when it seems like a new brewing device is released weekly, it is refreshing to see Portland Roasting thinking outside the box to design one simple tool that will ultimately guarantee better tasting coffee than even the shiniest of brewing gadgets.


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Bright red bracelet brings better coffee to Columbia