A Film About Coffee

On the surface, speciality coffee can appear to be pretentious, too expensive and unnecessarily complicated, but scratch beneath the sleeve tattoos and facial hair and you’ll find a community of passionate artisans striving to perfect the humble cup of joe.

A Film About Coffee offers us a unique insight into what still is a relatively unknown industry, taking us on a journey through its global consumption. The film travels to harvests in Rwanda and coffee farms in Honduras, listening to the farmers and buyers about the crop’s ever changing landscape.

The film’s minute and a half trailer alone is quite simply stunning and it reminds me of everything I find fascinating about coffee. It was this fascination that inspired the Modern Field Guide.

‘No matter the quality of your cup, people who love coffee, love it. Coffee is about people, and  people are what I’m interested ultimately.’  Brandon Loper, Director.
Video and image courtesy of A Film About Coffee

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