33 Coffees

33 Coffees combines two of our favourite things; coffee and stationary, packaging them up into a well-designed yet functional notebook. The book enables you to note down the names, origins and flavours of 33 Coffees, perfect for the more forgetful coffee drinker.

Printed with ink that actually contains coffee (an organically grown, natural process coffee from Bali no less), 33 Coffees is not just for tasting notes. Its unique flavour wheel is a useful prompt to help you identify flavours and traits as you slurp.

If the perfect cup of Joe isn’t your cup of tea, the 33 Books Co has produced notebooks for a whole host of other specialisms with subjects ranging from cheese to cigars.

For more information on the 33 Books Co, head to www.33books.com

  • 33 Coffees cover
  • 33 Coffees tasting pages
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